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Romantic Suspense

WhimFire Cover.jpg

Jaime Quintero of the APS Seven moved to Whimsy, Florida, from Puerto Rico after her father’s death when she was just six years old: grieving, not knowing a word of English, and wondering where she fit into this new world... more

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When Rowan Holland of Woodbridge, Virginia lands squarely in the crosshairs of a psychotic stalker, fleeing to Whimsy, Florida might be her only chance of escape ... more

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Includes details on the Armstrong twins, the Seven, the APS teams, the femmes they love, and a map of Whimsy, Florida.

LOVE TALES are free sapphic short stories from Tiffany's world of butch/femme romance that give you something to read in between full-length book releases!

The THE DANCE Series

40+ Midlife Romance


Kelly Holland is everything her sweet older sister, Rowan, is not: Kelly is bold, badass, and the best covert and clandestine operations analyst the CIA has ever had in their agency.

Kelly also has a secret. A very big, very explosive secret ... more

Tiffany E. Taylor Cover Graphic.png

Teagan Malloy of the APS Seven has long been known as ‘Casanova’ in the tiny community of Whimsy—a magnet for the hordes of women who’ve fallen for her brilliant green eyes, hard-muscled body, and killer smile ... more

Whimsical Diva Cover.jpg

Nova MacLeod is a tiny femme dynamo in the close-knit town of Whimsy, Florida—the snarky, humorous Dream Creamery ice cream artisan who also has an illustrious reputation in the world of food styling ... more


Ice Quake Cover Final.jpg

Ice quake: A geological event in which ice expands during sudden warm periods and is unable to accommodate the change in volume, causing cracking or booming sounds.

Embers Cover.jpg
A Butch/Femme Contemporary Fairytale Romance

If fairy godmothers truly did exist, the only thing in this world Embry Novak would wish for would be the freedom to be her butch self and live authentically, without her conniving and “fragile” stepmother’s obstruction. more

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