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Under the Moon
Book 1 - The Supernatural Souls series
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An unmated female Alpha Lycan shifter. A half-Fae woman who's only recently learned she's something more than purely human.

Rian MacNiall is the Alpha of the all-female MacNiall pack—a Lycan wolf shifter who carries an energy known as fearuil or the human equivalent of butch. All Lycans—both and 𝘣𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘯, or femme—have been condemned to a barren, infertile existence by Luma, the Moon Mother, because of their past careless disregard for life.

As an unsuspecting Luminara, Fallon Conroy is shocked when she learns she not only carries  the Fae magick Rian MacNiall's pack needs an order to break the curse causing their infertile existence, her magick will also allow the féarúil shifters in the pack to impregnate their baineann mates.

And Fallon is Rian's long awaited mate.


But only the final permanent bonding ceremony on the night of the full moon will forever keep Fallon safe from those who would do her harm. When a rival pack sets their sights on Fallon, with help from a MacNiall pack traitor who wants Rian for herself, Rian MacNiall and her pack must fight tooth and nail to keep their beloved Luminara out of treachery's way.


Can Fallon, Rian, and the MacNiall pack defeat deception, trickery, and betrayal before Fallon is taken from Rian and her pack forever?

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