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Callie's Revenge, Vol. 1 of The Brethren
Book 2 - Supernatural Souls
(speculative fiction)

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Lake Marlborough is the 718-year-old unmated leader of the Brethren, a supernatural vampire clan on the island of Blood Moon Key dedicated to protecting the human population of the Sigma Province. She and her also unmatched Elite—the four other vampires in the upper echelon of the Brethren—receive the blood nourishment they need from a local human blood donation program, the typical resource for vampires in the province who are without a mate. After more than 700 years alone, Lake doesn't expect her circumstances to change anytime soon.

40-year-old Calliope Winthorpe is head of the combat training team for the human Sentinel organization, fierce warriors who have sworn to defend both the humans and supernaturals in the Sigma Province above all else. Callie and the four other women on her team have little interest in finding romantic partners—especially Calliope with her past traumatic history—and instead spend their days focusing on crafting and teaching fighting techniques to the Sentinel warriors.

When the Sentinel warrior barracks are destroyed in an attack by the Novus Order—a rogue vampire group led by a former close friend of Callie’s from her young adult days—the combat training Sentinels move into the Elite's manor house by request of Callie’s father, the leader of the Sentinels, until the barracks can be rebuilt. The masculine energy of the Elite is immediately drawn to the feminine energy of the human women—and Lake realizes Calliope is the mate she has waited for all her life.

But Jareth Kain, Callie's former friend and the leader of Novus, is determined to force-mate Callie himself—knowing her formidable, little-known powers as a Ferie witch will give him the power he needs to reign supreme on Blood Moon Key. With the help of a Sentinel traitor hiding in plain sight and a black magick sorceress who seeks to share in that power, Jareth has Callie firmly in his crosshairs—unaware that a handsome, lethal nemesis will do everything in her power to keep her Calliope safe until she can claim her as her own.

When scorching masculine of center vampires meet fierce femme human warriors in jeopardy, it’s not just the desire that can be deadly. A dark butch/femme speculative fantasy romance.

What readers are saying about Callie's Revenge:

“It. Was. INCREDIBLE.” … I couldn’t put it down.” ... “The BEST sapphic vampire story I’ve ever read! Nothing else has come even close.”

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