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Whimsical Princess
Book 2 - the Whimsical Dreams series
(continued romantic suspense)
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Kelly Holland is everything her sweet older sister, Rowan, is not: Kelly is bold, badass, and the best covert and clandestine operations analyst the CIA has ever had in their agency.


Kelly also has a secret. A very big, very explosive secret.


Riley Armstrong, Bryn Armstrong's twin, is intrigued by the flame-haired femme, but wonders why a simple information analyst like Kelly has attracted the attention of the head of Percutio—a malignant crime organization headquartered in Florida. Grigor Reizan is pulling out all the stops to get to Kelly, and Riley wants to know why.


Because Kelly Holland belongs to her.


When Riley, Bryn, and the Seven of Armstrong Protection Services learn Kelly's secret—and find out why Grigor Reizan has been so unyielding in his efforts to capture her—they are stunned. After Kelly loses her CIA agency status and protection because of a mole planted by Reizan, they vow they will do whatever it takes to keep Kelly safe.


But Reizan is just as determined to take Kelly for himself. He knows he can use her and her rare "superpower" to become the most powerful man in Florida—if not the world—and he's not about to let anyone stop him.


No matter who he has to kill to succeed.


TW: This work of fiction contains a scene of disciplinary spanking and other instances of light BDSM that some readers may find triggering.


What readers are saying about the Whimsical Dreams series:

"This book was fun! It had it all, action, adventure, a bad guy, not to mention hot sex and romance! I loved reading it."

"This book had my attention from the very beginning—I did not stop reading until I finished it completely! I feel like I have been waiting on this book for a long time. Tiffany has a lifelong fan in me!"

​"Wow! What great fun to devour this read. Badass butches doing everything to protect, lovely femmes showing how strong they can be. First time reading a book I could identify with completely."

"Tiffany's books make me feel as though I'm right there beside her characters as they come to life. I couldn't put it down. A must read!"

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