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Whimsical Angel  - LIVE
Book 3 - The Whimsical Dreams series

Teagan Malloy of the APS Seven has long been known as ‘Casanova’ in the tiny community of Whimsy—a magnet for the hordes of women who’ve fallen for her brilliant green eyes, hard muscled body, and killer smile.

But Teagan has always played the field in an effort to forget the shy, beautiful femme she loved and lost over fifteen years before. She’s always resisted attempts by women to become “the one”

in her life— because if the APS butch can’t have Delaney Sedgwick, she isn’t interested in having anybody.

Then the day arrives when Delaney finally comes home to her after many years away, and makes Teagan believe in miracles again. The happy couple soon finds out, however, that Delaney hasn’t come home alone.


A viciously jealous ex bent on revenge is determined to destroy Teagan and Delaney, and wants nothing more than to watch them explode in a shower of hellfire and pain. Tina Schaffner will do anything to make that happen, and she won't rest until she's wiped them from the face of the earth.


It's the man whom Tina has hired to help her who is the real threat, however—someone who will not only crush Teagan and Delaney at Tina’s behest for a hefty fee, but who will also stop at nothing to take over the very lucrative security and protection business run by APS in Tampa Bay.


Planning to defraud clients and put them at risk in his quest to come out on top, Frank Bellwood proves he will do anything to be crowned the undisputed king of protection, as well as the big money winner in this game.


Even if it means he must engineer the total destruction of APS itself in the process.

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