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Book 1 - The Dance series (40+ Midlife Butch/Femme Romance)

On the seven year anniversary of her wife's tragic death, a still mourning 44-year-old Aimée “Jake” Charron opens a personal ad—provocatively entitled Looking for My Alpha Butch—that one of her best friends has sent to her. Intrigued, Jake reads the short but tantalizing ad, and wonders what kind of femme could pack so much eroticism into such a short paragraph.

When 42-year-old Genevra Raineri writes a personal ad called Looking for My Alpha Butch

just for fun, a friend steals it and posts it on a butch-femme romance site without her permission. To her surprise, an enigmatic, self-professed alpha butch named Jake responds, telling Gen that she is that butch. There is never any way to resist her when she sets out to get what she wants, Jake informs her.


Their game of cat-and-mouse starts a sensuous online butch-femme dance between the two of them: Jake, luring Gen with promises of surrender and passion; Gen, believing two failed relationships have proven her fantasy butch is nothing but a fairy tale she still secretly craves.


Jake knows she's already had one chance at a forever love, but lost it when her wife died. She wants Gen with an all-consuming desire she'd thought was long dead—but Jake believes expecting to find another great love after you've already had one and lost it is a fool's game.


As Jake and Gen navigate personal journeys that include heartbreak, longing, self-discovery, passion, and courage, they both discover that risking everything to take one more chance on love might ultimately be their salvation.

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