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Whimsical Dreams Series Updates!

Plus, my birthday giveaway!

Hey, lovelies! What a June it's been so far, hasn’t it?! Here’s your mid-month update for Monday, June 13, 2022:

• Our bi-monthly One-Minute Update is expanding a little bit to become the bi-monthly Two-Minute Update (although it will be just a wee bit longer today). I still don't want to do a huge monthly newsletter out of respect for people's valuable time (many newsletters just seem to go on and on and on…)... but trying to let you know what's going on in a one-minute update started to feel like we were cutting things a little close. I think this change will work out much better for all of us.

• In Whimsical Dreams world: Book 3 of the series, Whimsical Angel, has been through edits review and has gone back to the editors so they can get started on the next phase of publication. According to Painted Hearts Publishing, we’re looking at a fall release. Although I don't have an actual date yet, I'm anticipating the book will drop sometime at the end of August/beginning of September.

• More Whimsical Dreams news: Book 4 of the series, Whimsical Diva, is just coming out of beta and I'm anticipating submitting it to Painted Hearts on Wednesday, June 15. Keep your fingers crossed that they like it and we hear in the next month or so that they've accepted it for publication!

• News from my 40+ midlife The Dance series: I'm currently writing book 2, which is tentatively titled The Panther and the Dove. It's set in the present day Tampa Bay area; however, one of my protagonists lost her partner and her parents in the New York City 9/11 attack of 2001. The girlfriend of the other protagonist was murdered thirty years ago in an unrelated act of violence. This book centers around loss, grieving, healing, and finding love again after tragedy tears your life apart—even when it seems impossible. I'd like to have this book written and going into beta at the beginning of August, so I'll keep you posted on my progress.

• If you want to talk about all the things regarding butch/femme fiction with other authors and readers, come and join us in the Butch/Femme Sapphic Fiction Readers group on Facebook. We're still fairly new, but I'm envisioning giveaways and other fun stuff down the road, in addition to talking about the b/f-themed fiction books we've loved and want to recommend.

• FINALLY... My birthday is on June 27 (the day before historic Stonewall!) and I will be giving away an e-book four-pack of my currently published books in celebration—Whimsical Haven, Whimsical Princess, One More Chance, and Under the Moon. If you're signed up for my bi-monthly blog One-Minute Updates (now Two-Minute Updates), you're automatically entered! If you aren't, take ten seconds and sign up so you also have the opportunity to snag the goodies. Happy birthday to me!

That's it for your new two-minute update! Whew! Have a wonderful day and I'll see you in a couple of weeks! ❤️


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