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One-Minute Updates? Sign Me Up, Please!

Such a Game-Changer

All right, kiddos... we're done messing around and wasting our time.

This is a longer blog post than I'll ever write going forward, but I promise you... this will be worth the three minutes it will take you to read.

I've been trying to figure out what would be the best (i.e., fastest, most efficient) way for my readers and I to connect with each other. Because we. Are. All. BUSY, and none of us have time for One More Thing.

Additionally... How do I not only let you know what's going on in Tiffany World, but also give you an easy way to actually communicate back to me at the same time... without you having to expend any extra time or effort?

Here were my conclusions:

1. Groups? Nope, out. Readers already belong to five million Facebook groups (assuming they even do Facebook in the first place), and who wants to join yet another one? Plus, you then have to remember to check my group in addition to your five million other ones. Gah. No deal.

2. My newsletter? Also a nope. Newsletters are SO 2005, because you can't talk back to me through a newsletter. That bugs me. I want to actively hear your comments, suggestions, critiques, then respond back to you—for us to actually have some two-way communication with each other and build a friendship. I can't do that with a passive one-way communication vehicle like a newsletter. That's also out.

3. RSS subscription. Yeah, right. Be honest. How many of you actually remember to check your RSS reader? I know I don't. Then when I do, I throw up my hands and walk away because my feed is totally clogged with crap and I immediately become overwhelmed. Double gah. Hit that eject button.

I would also like you to be able to share information about Tiffany World with your friends on Facebook and Twitter—if you think they might be interested—with one simple click of a button.

Tiffany has a new release out? Click. Tiffany's having a giveaway? Click. Tiffany will be reading an excerpt from that book that won't be published for another month or two? Click. It will take absolutely no time out of your day except for the microseconds it will take you to click that 'Share' button.

Soooo... here's what we're gonna do. On the Connect page of my website, the newsletter subscription has turned into an email subscription. The monthly newsletter is going buh-bye, and instead, you'll get an email when I write a blog post.

Now, there won't be many... two or maybe three blog posts a month, if that, so you won't get flooded with email from me. They won't be huge posts either—I'm calling them my "One-Minute Reads" ... blog posts you can literally read in one minute or less. I won't be yammering just to hear myself yammer (Grrr, I HATE that). It will be fast, efficient, and won't waste your time.

But—and here's the BEST part—you'll be able to comment on the blog posts to let me know what you're thinking. You can throw suggestions my way about things you might want to see in my writing, give me a constructive critique of something you've read in the past, or maybe volunteer to be a beta reader.

What if you have questions... like, when is my next planned giveaway or do I have a release date yet for Whimsical Princess?

Now, you'll be able to talk to me right on the blog and I can respond to you pretty fast—without you having to dig through my Twitter feed or Facebook Author page or my Instagram and waste your precious time figuring out a way to contact me. Easy peasy.

I'm loving this idea, for all of us. I've updated the website to show an email subscription for my blog/one-minute reads instead of for the old newsletter (If you've already signed up for my newsletter, you should automatically start getting the blog posts instead, so there's no work required on your part.)

Okay, that's enough yammer. Subscribe to my blog and my one-minute updates at ... and you'll be all set! Have a beautiful day!


*** If you'd like to connect with me more often, you can follow me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, or follow me on Twitter, where I post daily ***

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