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It's Give Something Away Day!

Plus, Whimsical Angel Cover Reveal and Release Date Announcement August 1!

Happy Friday, my reader friends! It's so hard to believe it's the middle of July already! Here’s your mid-month update for Friday, July 15, 2022:

• I am participating in Jae Author’s Give Something Away Day giveaway, which is taking place this weekend. 50 authors of sapphic books are teaming up to give away 110 book prizes—e-books to paperbacks to audiobooks—from the world of sapphic romance! I am personally giving away a copy of Whimsical Haven—book 1 of my Whimsical Dreams romantic suspense series—and One More Chance, the first book in my 40+ midlife series, The Dance. Entries close on July 18, 2022, at 10 a.m. Central European Time, so don’t forget to enter!

• The cover reveal and release date announcement for Whimsical Angel, Book 3 in the Whimsical Dreams series, will take place on Monday, August 1! Release day is closer than you think, so make sure you look for that announcement in both my special Two-Minute Update on August 1 and on my website. The romantic suspense adventures of the APS butches and the femmes who love them continue!

• I anticipate finishing up The Panther and the Dove, Book 2 of my The Dance series, and having it in the hands of my beta team for review by the end of this weekend. My alpha team (in other words, the folks who read, critique, and make suggestions all through a book’s actual writing process) have been on an emotional roller coaster with me—and while this book is very much happily-ever-after, one of them used the word “gutted” to describe her feelings at one point in the process. I'll keep you updated as events warrant.

That's it for your two-minute update! Have a wonderful day and I'll see you at the end of July! ❤️


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