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Welcome! It's so amazingly good to be here!

Welcome to my publishing home! I'm Tiffany E. Taylor, LGBTQ author and proud femme who loves writing romance fiction about the passionate and dynamic butch/femme community.

it's going to take me a little while to get rolling, because I'm working with my publisher to release my debut novel, Whimsical Haven. Do you like sexy, sassy femmes? Hot, badass butches? Then get ready to meet the butches of Armstrong Protection Services and the femmes who love them (and sometimes kick ass right alongside them!) in Book 1 of The Whimsical Dream series! In the meantime, head on over to the "Connect" page and find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you are a member of the amazing butch/femme community like I am, we're going to have plenty to talk about here. Stay tuned!

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