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Under the Moon is LIVE!

(Plus, it's also my anniversary!)

Happy release day! Under the Moon was released in the wee hours this morning and I am so excited. This is a pretty substantial novella (38+K words) and is my first indie release, so you know I'm nervous!

Painted Hearts Publishing gets all the work involved with publishing my full-length books, but I figure I can throw a novella like this one out there independently every once in a while at the same time. Let's see how it goes!

Today is also the 24-year anniversary of me and my beloved spouse, Donna. Clearly, there was a very special reason I chose today to release Under the Moon. I've called Donna my wolf spirit for many years, and I wrote this Lycan/wolf shifter urban fantasy tale with her in mind. I hope everyone likes it.

Now that the release madness is over with, I will be concentrating on writing Coven. It's gotten a bit darker than I expected (although nothing too terrible), so I need to go back and pull it apart to re-outline it.

Have a wonderful weekend! If you do read Under the Moon, please drop me a line in the Comments to let me know what you thought!

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