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Plus, A Very Whimsy Christmas is Up for 2022 Book of the Year!

Greetings, lovelies! Today, I rolled out the GORGEOUS cover and announced that The Panther and the Dove will be dropping on March 9! This is the second book in the 40+ midlife The Dance series, which many readers have loved because of the more mature characters and life circumstances. Here’s a short preview of what’s in store for you in this second chance, loss/grieving romance:

CONTENT WARNING: This book begins with the events of 9/11 as they unfolded in New York City on that fateful day. If you believe you will be triggered by the recounting of those events, you should not read this book.


On September 11, 2001, then 27-year-old Melisande Stratton watches in horror as the second plane hits the South Tower of the World Trade Center live on television—where her One and her parents had gone without her that morning—and witnesses her life, her heart, and her reasons for living explode right before her eyes in a shower of flames, concrete, and steel.

Thirty-one years ago, then 20-year-old Eliot Vandenberg loses her One when an armed robber murders her lover in cold blood during a bank robbery the week before Eliot's college graduation, prompting her to join the Florida Strategic Response Team—a non-military control force that assists Florida law enforcement in managing high-risk security situations.

When Melisande and Eliot meet in the present, the gentle femme Wiccan and the hard butch enforcement strategist seem to have little in common, even though their similar experiences with personal tragedy quickly draw them together. When they unexpectedly become lovers almost immediately, they both find hope for the future—until Melisande learns the details behind what Eliot (code name “Panther”) really does for FSRT, that is.

With pain in her heart, Mel breaks up with Eliot, knowing her pacifist Wiccan beliefs and Eliot's hard-core enforcement career will always be at odds with each other. But Eliot is determined to fight for her peaceful Dove and prove to Melisande that she is Eliot's new long-awaited One. No matter what it takes, no matter what she has to do, Eliot Vandenberg will make sure Melisande Stratton understands that she is hers.

Even if Eliot has to give up everything else in her life that matters to her in order to keep her.

Not only did A Very Whimsy Christmas win the December 2022 Book of the Month in Romantic Suspense at I Heart SapphFic, but it is also now up for BOOK OF THE YEAR in Favorite Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, or Action & Adventure! You can vote here through February 19 and I would be so grateful for your support!

And… don’t forget! Subscribers to my newsletter receive my sapphic romance anthology, Power and Peonies, Vol. 1, FREE! This anthology is a collection of five romantic short reads written within the sensual and passionate butch/femme dynamic in a variety of genres: contemporary, erotica, and paranormal. The stories are hot, the romance passionate, and the happily-ever-after endings guarantee an ultimate triumph for the power of love.

That's it for our two-minute update! Have a wonderful day and I'll see you when my monthly newsletter rolls out at the end of February with news about some wonderful upcoming BookFunnel promotions! ❤️


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