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It's Release Day for Embers!

A lonely butch under the thumb of a selfish stepmother, longing to live authentically. A starry-eyed femme with a nagging mother determined to marry her off, who’s yearning for the butch of her dreams. Never underestimate the power of a gay fairy godfather with fabulous sequined sneakers who's on a mission.

Guess what? Embers, my standalone contemporary fairytale romance novella, dropped this morning! You can find it at:





Early feedback has been wonderful! “That was the HAPPIEST HEA I think I've ever read” … “Embers was a really soul-happy book” … “By far the BEST Cinderella story—I mean really so so so good!” Get your copy today!



If you don't belong to my reader group, you may want to come in and play with us! We're talking about the next book in the Whimsical Dreams series, Whimsical Maverick, which I'm expecting to be released later on this year, as well as Callie’s Revenge, Vol. 1 of my new The Brethren vampire series, also coming sometime in 2024!




And just a reminder! Subscribers to my newsletter receive my FREE sapphic romance anthology, Power and Peonies, Vol. 1! This 200-page anthology is a collection of five romantic short reads written within the sensual and passionate butch/femme dynamic in a variety of genres: contemporary, erotica, and paranormal. The stories are hot, the romance passionate, and the happily-ever-after endings guarantee an ultimate triumph for the power of love.


Have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon! ❤️



NEW TO MY WORLD? I write sensual sapphic fiction within the passionate butch/femme dynamic in a variety of genres: romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica. To find out more, go to my Bookshelf.


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