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End of the Year Book Sale!

Whimsical Haven will be only 99¢!

Hard to believe it’s less than two weeks until Christmas! Here's your one-minute update for Monday, December 13:

Highly rated Whimsical Haven will be on sale at Amazon for only 99¢ from December 26 through December 30, as part of a promotion sponsored through my publisher, Painted Hearts Publishing. Put it on your Amazon Wish List now so you don't forget, and I will send you a reminder when the promotion begins. If you haven't read it yet, this price discount will be an excellent way for you to get started on the Whimsical Dreams series before book 2, Whimsical Princess, is released this spring.

My latest release, paranormal shifter novella Under the Moon, hit #93 in the Lesbian Fiction category on Amazon this week and #106 in Lesbian Romance. I've had some wonderful reviews and comments about this story and I'm looking forward to dipping my toes into the urban fantasy pool a bit more. Under the Moon is only 99¢ at Amazon and is Kindle Unlimited Eligible as well.

I've joined reading and writing platform Wattpad so I can publish my free short stories in a place that's more convenient than my website Bookshelf. I like the idea of being on a story sharing platform where readers can provide feedback to writers, so go look at the two stories I’ve already posted there (if you haven't had the opportunity to look at them on my website yet).

Speaking of urban fantasy, work continues on my latest #wip Coven, a dark fantasy filled with witches, warlocks, and demons. I have a couple of contemporaries waiting in the publishing queue right, but I don't think throwing some full-length fantasy into the mix will be a bad thing for any of us!

That's it for your one-minute update! Remember to use the blog comments to holla! Have a wonderful week!


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