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It's Release Day for Whimsical Princess!

Plus, check out my new APS Compendium!

Happy release day, everyone! After much anticipation, Whimsical Princess has dropped! Eeeeeep! Here is your one-minute update for Thursday, April 14:

• Book 2 of the Whimsical Dreams series was released today, and early reviews have been amazing!

“Mystery, tension and nail biting worthy plots are all rolled into one in this book.”

“… very few authors have kept me waiting on the edge of my seat for the next book in the series.”

“The only disappointment with this book is it ended.”

“Characters that I could of only wish for, come to life in this Butch/Femme page turner.”

“I would recommend this book and series to anyone who loves reading the butch/femme genre.”

Whimsical Princess and the Whimsical Dreams series is romantic suspense, action-adventure sapphic fiction centered in the passionate and sensual butch/femme dynamic. Each book in the series is a complete story in and of itself; however, the setting and the characters remain the same and build on each other throughout… so this series will make the most sense to you if you start with Book 1, Whimsical Haven, and continue on from there.

Whimsical Princess is available at:

“I don't know which end is up. One minute I want to kiss the life out of her, and the next she frustrates the hell out of me.”

~Sara Humphreys

• Book 3 of the Whimsical Dreams series, Whimsical Angel, has just entered the formal editing process at Painted Hearts Publishing, so there’s still quite a bit of work for us to do before it comes out. PH hasn’t given me any idea of a release date yet, but if I was to guess, I would assume it’s going to be some time this fall. You will know the minute I do!

• Because there is a lot to keep track of as far as characters go in the Whimsical Dreams series, I have put together a Compendium to make things easier for you (along with a handy dandy map of Whimsy), which I've posted on my website. Starting with Whimsical Angel, we will be getting more in-depth into the individual teams, so this way you have a very handy reference guide to remember what character belongs where!

That's it for your one-minute update! Have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon!


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